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Apply for a mentor (This scheme is Under Development)

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At TES, mentors can be especially helpful during times of career change, as they can guide you through the process of developing competence and applying for professional registration. They can also assist in goal-setting and provide valuable insight into achieving those goals.

A successful mentoring relationship requires commitment and time, with mentees responsible for following up with their mentor and leading the relationship. This relationship lasts as long as necessary, with frequent contact as you explore professional registration options.

Why register for a mentor?

  • Gain a different perspective, and get challenged based on mentor experience.
  • Improve your professional outlook and attitude.
  • Enhance your own professional development.
  • Make a positive impact on the career of a mentee and help them achieve their professional goals.
  • Overcome obstacles and effectively navigate common pitfalls.
  • Provide opportunities for networking and building relationships with other professionals in your area.


How do I register?

Applying for a mentor is a member benefit that doesn't cost you a thing, as long as you're a member working in an engineering or technology role. 

To apply, simply download the mentee registration form and submit it along with a copy of your CV to the mentoring team.

We'll contact you to discuss your next steps.