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About the Test Engineering Society (The Society)

Working to engineer a better world through testing

Welcome to the Test Engineering Society, the premier not-for-profit professional institution dedicated to empowering and advancing the careers of Test Engineers worldwide. The Society is committed to fostering excellence in Test Engineering by providing a comprehensive framework for professional development and recognition.

The Society (will) offer a pathway to professional registration at three distinguished levels: Engineering Technician (EngTech), Incorporated Engineer (IEng), and Chartered Engineer (CEng). By adhering to the Engineering Council's UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence and Commitment (UK-SPEC), we ensure that our members meet the highest standards of engineering practice and ethical conduct.

We don't define a detailed Body of knowledge (BoK) for Test Engineering. We invite and welcome all test engineers working in all areas of industry so we define the critial areas of knowledge and understanding that all test engineers should be familiar with. This serves as the foundation for establishing the skills, experience, and capabilities required for engineers at each level of registration. We aim to establish a common language and shared understanding of the competencies necessary to excel in the Test Engineering field.

To support our members in achieving their professional goals, the Society provides a wealth of resources, including coaching, mentoring, and training services tailored to the unique needs of Test Engineers. By joining the Society, you gain access to a network of industry professionals, continuous learning opportunities, and the chance to showcase your expertise and commitment to the field.

Embark on your journey towards professional recognition and join the Test Engineering Society today. Together, we will shape the future of Test Engineering and elevate the industry to new heights of innovation and excellence. Welcome to the the Society community!