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Company scheme accreditation

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TES Accredited Company Schemes offer organisations a quality-assured pathway for their Test Engineers seeking professional registration.

What are the benefits of accreditation?

  • Helps organisations attract graduate and professional engineers.
  • Streamlines the route to professional registration.
  • Provides structured and supported development for future leaders and senior Test Engineers, improving graduate and professional engineering staff retention rates.
  • Demonstrates to clients and customers that the organisation employs competent staff, useful when submitting tenders.
  • Develops Test Engineering capabilities and secures the organisation's well-being.
  • Provides opportunities for networking with other accredited employers and universities through events and workshops.
  • Inclusion in the list of TES accredited schemes.
  • Accredited schemes can display the Certificate of Accreditation and use the TES accredited scheme logo on promotional material and scheme documentation.
  • Accreditation is recognized as a high-quality seal of approval throughout industry, academia, and government, providing evidence of "quality assured" Test Engineer development that is recognized both nationally and internationally.
  • Provides access to a body of knowledge outside the organisation, promoting meaningful dialogue between the organisation and the TES, one of the leading engineering institutions.

Take a look at our current list of accredited professional development schemes.

TES Accredited Professional Development Schemes (in preparation)

Why choose the TES?

TES is a leading professional institution for Test Engineers, and its accreditation covers a wide range of Test Engineering disciplines. TES Accreditation is recognized as a high-quality seal of approval throughout industry, academia, and government and helps companies in the recruitment, retention, and development of graduates and professional Test Engineers.

TES promotes accredited schemes to students and graduates as the ideal way into the industry.

How does it work? Accredited schemes typically build on established development programmes already in place to meet the organisation's needs. They must provide the necessary training, development, and experience to enable individuals to build a portfolio of evidence and demonstrate the required level of competence for professional registration.

Your scheme will be listed on the TES website, and you will be able to use the TES Accredited Scheme logo on promotional material.