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Academic accreditation

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TES provides academic accreditation to higher education programs that meet their standards for professional competence in software testing, test automation, and related fields.

The accreditation process is overseen by a panel of expert accreditors who review program content, delivery, relevance, coherence, challenge, assessment, staffing, quality assurance, and resources. The TES Academic Accreditation Committee is responsible for making all accreditation decisions.

Why choose the TES?

TES is a globally recognized indicator of quality through various international accords and agreements. Accredited programs are listed on the TES Accredited Programs list, and graduates of these programs may benefit from a more straightforward process when applying for professional certification or registration.

How does it work?

Accreditation works alongside quality assurance processes to ensure that programs are continually improving and in line with the latest best practices. Accredited programs are listed on TES's Accredited Program Directory, and institutions may use the TES Accredited Program logo on promotional material and program documentation.

How your students will benefit

Being enrolled in an accredited TES program may also make students eligible for various TES scholarships and prizes, including awards supported through a mixture of TES charitable funds and donations from key organizations in software testing and related fields. It also helps to improve graduate employability by linking to the TES Standard for Professional Competence, ensuring that students have developed the appropriate skills and knowledge for a career in software testing and related fields.

Become an Academic Accreditor

Finally, individuals with knowledge and experience in software testing and related fields can become academic accreditors. This includes external examiners, course leaders, program directors, members of review committees, and those who are part of quality assurance auditing agencies. For more information about becoming an academic accreditor or about the accreditation process in general, please contact the TES Accreditation team at accreditation@testsociety.org.